How Green Is Uhonda?

how green is honda

At University Honda, we are constantly working to reduce waste and currently working on our Silver Level Environmental Leadership Award from Honda. Honda products are industry leaders in innovation, safety, quality and environmental responsibility.

As a Honda Dealer, one of our foundational beliefs is that we will strive to maintain and improve the “Blue Skies for our Children.” From development to disposal, Honda is constantly moving to reduce the environmental impact of our products. Honda wants to be a company that “society wants to exist.” University Honda wants to be a company that Corvallis wants to exist. When Honda first started in the late 40’s in Japan, the company began by recycling surplus engines and fitting them to bicycles. We are proud to say that today, Honda vehicles are now 90% recyclable. In 2001, 62 pounds of waste were created for each vehicle manufactured; but today…..that number is only 1.8 pounds! 10 out of 14 Honda Plants in North America currently produce ZERO waste going into landfills. This represents generations of consistently working to improve the environment. Here’s the history of both our and Honda’s environmental milestones:

  • 1974: Honda Civic was the first car to meet the US Clean Air Act.
  • 1977: Civic rated as the most fuel efficient car in America
  • 1985: University Honda, the other University in Corvallis, chosen to open in Oregon. Our building was designed to reduce rain water run off by 40%
  • 1986: Civic HF first 4 cylinder vehicle to break 50 miles per gallon
  • 1986: University Honda recycles waste oil, filters and batteries
  • 1989: Honda is the first manufacturer to change to water borne base coat paint
  • 1990: Variable valve timing and lift, electronic controlled (V-TEC): Hondas foundational technology for advanced low emissions is introduced on Acura NSX
  • 1995: First gas powered-low emission vehicle LEV, 1996 Civic
  • 1997: First battery powered electric vehicle; The Honda EV plus
  • 1998: University Honda in ground hydraulic lifts removed and replaced with non fluid above ground lifts.
  • 1999: First gas-electric hybrid vehicle, the 2000 Honda Insight and University Honda sells one of the first 3 in the country
  • 2000: First 50 State ultra low emission vehicle U-LEV; the 2011 Honda Civic
  • 2000: Sierra Club Award for Excellence in Environmental Engineering
  • 2001: Aki bono Cherry Trees naturally planted on 9th Street to beautify our Dealership
  • 2001: FCX Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicle and first solar powered hydrogen fueling station introduced
  • 2002: Honda Civic Hybrid introduced to the mass market
  • 2005: First Fuel Cell FCX leased to a family in California
  • 2005: First Natural Gas home fueling station installed for Civic NG
  • 2007: Union of Concerned Scientists name Honda the “Greenest Automaker” again for the 4th time.
  • 2008: Civic GX named the top Green Car by American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy
  • 2009: University Honda begins major rebuild and remodel; recycles building glass front to Service Department and maximizes use of natural light, atrium and sky lighting
  • 2010: Honda introduces the first affordable sport hybrid, the 2 seat CRZ
  • 2010: University Honda begins comprehensive recycling program for packaging, metals and fluids
  • 2010: First Honda Fit EV electric proto type introduced
  • 2011: University Honda begins recycled oil changes
  • 2011: 9th Generation Civics introduced. 41 mpg Civic HF, Civic Natural Gas and the 44mpg Civic gas-electric hybrid; the most fuel efficient car in America.
  • 2013: University Honda introduces the zero emission all-electric FIT EV to Corvallis
  • 2013: University Honda still owned by the original founding family and now in our second generation of serving the Corvallis community

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University Honda has master HONDA technicians which is very rare. I see people complain that they can't get their car into service immediately. YES, this is true at times. University Honda has taken alot of the Corvallis market, not just hondas, but other brands too. But it's worth it....just like when you wait in line for that burrito you saw on YELP. They have other AMAZING services like professional car details, dent removals, windshield replacements, Thule racks, and dog accessories for your car. I got all the dents taken out of my 2010 Honda element last week!
Davy R.
Found the used car that we wanted at University Honda online, and went in hoping to buy it. The salesperson Michael really bent over backwards to make our deal happen! We feel like he went to bat for us and we are so happy we were able to stay local to buy this car for our college kid. We recommend working with Michael Anthony when you go to University Honda! Shoutout to Kytta who jumped in to help too!
Jay R.
These guys saved my life this week. OK not literally, but their kindness and great service was exactly what I needed today. I've been getting service their things like brakes and oil changes for the last year or so. Today I brought my car in for what I thought was a bad alternator. They checked everything charge my battery inspected my brakes and left a mint on my dashboard. All of this for no charge! That's right people zero dollars for amazing service. I'm not saying you'll get your service for free but they were conscientious and checked up on everything and didn't charge me for it. They are friendly; they like my dog ; they remember me... just good neighborhood service with high-end dealership qualities.
Nellyda A.