University Honda executive auto detailing

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The Auto Detail Dept. at University Honda is Corvallis’ premier auto-detailing center. We have a long history of bringing cars back to life and restoring their essence. Our trained staff will clean every inch of your car, including removing your seats and shampooing the carpet! This is a full, inside/outside, wax/buff, luxury detail. Anytime of the year, your car can be beautifully cleaned and restored. Products we use are gentle on carpet & paint, but strong enough to make and maintain a lasting difference!

Here’s some of the things our standard detail includes:

  • Exterior wash, removal of tree sap, tar, bugs and other stains
  • Interior vacuumed and air blasted clean
  • Clean and wipe down all door/window jams
  • Shampoo interior mats, carpet & cloth seats
  • Clean & condition leather seats if applicable
  • Clean & apply dressing to interior plastic
  • Paint fender wells & wiper arms as needed
  • Clay entire exterior painted surfaces to remove industrial fallout
  • Deodorize interior complete
  • Wax and buff paint
  • Exterior rubber and plastic shined
  • Wheels and tires washed and shined
  • All doors, dash, floor, seats and trunk washed and/or shined
  • Glass cleaned inside and out
  • Engine degreased, washed and shined

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University Honda has master HONDA technicians which is very rare. I see people complain that they can't get their car into service immediately. YES, this is true at times. University Honda has taken alot of the Corvallis market, not just hondas, but other brands too. But it's worth it....just like when you wait in line for that burrito you saw on YELP. They have other AMAZING services like professional car details, dent removals, windshield replacements, Thule racks, and dog accessories for your car. I got all the dents taken out of my 2010 Honda element last week!
Davy R.
Found the used car that we wanted at University Honda online, and went in hoping to buy it. The salesperson Michael really bent over backwards to make our deal happen! We feel like he went to bat for us and we are so happy we were able to stay local to buy this car for our college kid. We recommend working with Michael Anthony when you go to University Honda! Shoutout to Kytta who jumped in to help too!
Jay R.
These guys saved my life this week. OK not literally, but their kindness and great service was exactly what I needed today. I've been getting service their things like brakes and oil changes for the last year or so. Today I brought my car in for what I thought was a bad alternator. They checked everything charge my battery inspected my brakes and left a mint on my dashboard. All of this for no charge! That's right people zero dollars for amazing service. I'm not saying you'll get your service for free but they were conscientious and checked up on everything and didn't charge me for it. They are friendly; they like my dog ; they remember me... just good neighborhood service with high-end dealership qualities.
Nellyda A.