Welcome to the University Honda Alumni Program

Which Honda Dealer has the best price?

The Alumni Program at University Honda offers our customers the MOST savings and extended VALUE on their new or pre-owned Honda purchase. No charge or fee is required to be an Alumni member. It’s simply a lifetime savings club you are eligible for when you buy from us, and this superior offer is why locals BUY from Uhonda!

When you buy a new or pre-owned Honda from University Honda, discounted pricing and lifetime specials are exclusively offered to you!* This means you’ll receive discounted service jobs for as long as you own your car. Accessories are now offered to you at a discount. Oil and Filter services are now cheaper for you. It even includes a free $250 executive detail for your car, but be careful: This is a trick to get you hooked on our unprecedented detailing abilities. It’s like getting a brand new car all over again!

So by all means, shop around. All dealers pay the same price for their cars, and we’ve done the math. The real savings happens in Corvallis at University Honda!

congratulations welcome to the university honda alumni program