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Written by Ron Theis
I hate to admit it, but from time to time, I do get asked if “Honda makes a hybrid…… the Toyota P_ _ _s.” The answer is NO! Honda doesn’t make “A” Hybrid, we actually make 3!!! Back in 2000, Honda introduced the first gas-electric hybrid to the market: a two seater known as the Honda Insight. A few years later we added the Civic Sedan Hybrid; a 4-door hybrid sedan that maintained the popular Civic body design.

Three years ago, the Honda Insight was redesigned as a Sedan, and just last year Honda introduced the first consumer targeted Sport Hybrid: the CRZ. Incidentally, Honda’s latest CRZ adopts many similar features from old CRX of the 80’s.

So, if you want the fuel efficiency of a gas-electric hybrid from the number one engine builder in the world, come check us out. We’ll show you the 4 passenger Insight that delivers up to 44 mpg. We’ll present the upscale and roomy Civic Hybrid, complete with two-tone Leather interior options, a Navigation upgrade and Alloy Wheels. Or take you for a ride in the amazing CRZ!

Three great Honda Hybrids, each tailored to fit 3 individual driving personalities. Does Honda make a Hybrid? No, we make 3! And they’re absolute beauties!!!

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