How Green Is Uhonda?

how green is honda

At University Honda, we are constantly working to reduce waste and currently working on our Silver Level Environmental Leadership Award from Honda. Honda products are industry leaders in innovation, safety, quality and environmental responsibility.

As a Honda Dealer, one of our foundational beliefs is that we will strive to maintain and improve the “Blue Skies for our Children.” From development to disposal, Honda is constantly moving to reduce the environmental impact of our products. Honda wants to be a company that “society wants to exist.” University Honda wants to be a company that Corvallis wants to exist. When Honda first started in the late 40’s in Japan, the company began by recycling surplus engines and fitting them to bicycles. We are proud to say that today, Honda vehicles are now 90% recyclable. In 2001, 62 pounds of waste were created for each vehicle manufactured; but today…..that number is only 1.8 pounds! 10 out of 14 Honda Plants in North America currently produce ZERO waste going into landfills. This represents generations of consistently working to improve the environment. Here’s the history of both our and Honda’s environmental milestones:

  • 1974: Honda Civic was the first car to meet the US Clean Air Act.
  • 1977: Civic rated as the most fuel efficient car in America
  • 1985: University Honda, the other University in Corvallis, chosen to open in Oregon. Our building was designed to reduce rain water run off by 40%
  • 1986: Civic HF first 4 cylinder vehicle to break 50 miles per gallon
  • 1986: University Honda recycles waste oil, filters and batteries
  • 1989: Honda is the first manufacturer to change to water borne base coat paint
  • 1990: Variable valve timing and lift, electronic controlled (V-TEC): Hondas foundational technology for advanced low emissions is introduced on Acura NSX
  • 1995: First gas powered-low emission vehicle LEV, 1996 Civic
  • 1997: First battery powered electric vehicle; The Honda EV plus
  • 1998: University Honda in ground hydraulic lifts removed and replaced with non fluid above ground lifts.
  • 1999: First gas-electric hybrid vehicle, the 2000 Honda Insight and University Honda sells one of the first 3 in the country
  • 2000: First 50 State ultra low emission vehicle U-LEV; the 2011 Honda Civic
  • 2000: Sierra Club Award for Excellence in Environmental Engineering
  • 2001: Aki bono Cherry Trees naturally planted on 9th Street to beautify our Dealership
  • 2001: FCX Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicle and first solar powered hydrogen fueling station introduced
  • 2002: Honda Civic Hybrid introduced to the mass market
  • 2005: First Fuel Cell FCX leased to a family in California
  • 2005: First Natural Gas home fueling station installed for Civic NG
  • 2007: Union of Concerned Scientists name Honda the “Greenest Automaker” again for the 4th time.
  • 2008: Civic GX named the top Green Car by American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy
  • 2009: University Honda begins major rebuild and remodel; recycles building glass front to Service Department and maximizes use of natural light, atrium and sky lighting
  • 2010: Honda introduces the first affordable sport hybrid, the 2 seat CRZ
  • 2010: University Honda begins comprehensive recycling program for packaging, metals and fluids
  • 2010: First Honda Fit EV electric proto type introduced
  • 2011: University Honda begins recycled oil changes
  • 2011: 9th Generation Civics introduced. 41 mpg Civic HF, Civic Natural Gas and the 44mpg Civic gas-electric hybrid; the most fuel efficient car in America.
  • 2013: University Honda introduces the zero emission all-electric FIT EV to Corvallis
  • 2013: University Honda still owned by the original founding family and now in our second generation of serving the Corvallis community

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30th Anniversary Celebration

University Honda will be donating four exciting prize items to its customers that will be won through drawings... []

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Honda Kicks Off National Week of Service - University Honda Joins In!

From June 10-19 Honda and its business partners throughout North America will conduct the first ever National Week of Service.

Happy Mother's Day

We want honor all Moms on Saturday, May 7th 2016 by showering them with a lovely rose and a FREE CAR WASH by the University Honda Experts! []

Honda Environmental Leadership Award

University Honda Earns Honda Environmental Leadership Award for Reducing Its Environmental Impact []

University Honda executive auto detailing

Products we use are gentle on carpet & paint, but strong enough to make and maintain a lasting difference! []

Honda’s Military Appreciation Offer

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Uhonda Wins Highest Award in Customer Satisfaction!

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The Other University in Corvallis gets Cruiser Bikes!

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I started a search for a new SUV and saw that Honda had a
new smaller SUV‐the new 2016 HR‐V. I did an online search
and contacted University Honda. Lilly Higgins, the online
specialist, contacted me and invited me to come over and
see one of the HR‐V they had on the lot. It was the best
experience ever! I told Lilly want I was thinking and that i
wasn't in a hurry to buy a new car and wanted to complete
my research. She was the right salesperson for me. She understood what I wanted and they
stepped aside to let me do what I needed to do. About a month later, I came back with more
direction and ready to get serious. No pressure ever, she was patient and understanding
and answered all my questions. I was ready to buy and put a down to have them search for
the HR‐V I wanted and they found it. The whole experience was the best ever. University
Honda is a family owned business where they know their customers by first name and treat
you like you matter. I highly recommend anyone looking for a car and want a Honda, go to
University Honda and ask for Lilly. If Lilly isn't there, any of their salespersons will help
you. They are great!
Sharon Baum

1998 Honda Accord
Lilly was extremely helpful when we bought our daughter's car at University Honda in Corvallis. She met us, heard what we were looking for and then zeroed in on exactly the correct vehicle, which we test drove and in the end, purchased. The paperwork was quick and smooth and painless. Nice place to buy a car in Corvallis. Thank you Lilly!
Sincerely, Jules
Jules Cooper
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Testimonial Image1
March 3, 2014
Loved going into University Honda today. The staff is always so friendly and helpful, in addition to being able to answer almost any question I have. Pricing is fair and to the point. I’ve had numerous friends buy from University Honda, and I even spent time negotiating during one of their purchases and all have always been impressed.
Ira Leventhal
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Testimonial Image1
September 25, 2013
I’ve been a University Honda Customer for over 25 years. I have purchased 2 Accords, 2 Civics, and currently own 2 CRV’s and I have always serviced every vehicle with University Honda. I retired from Oregon State University and several years back my wife and I moved to Baja, Mexico. Every year I take an annual visit to Corvallis and I still have my vehicles serviced at University Honda. I pass a lot of other Honda Dealerships along the way but these guys are the best and definitely worth it. I would recommend their service to anyone and it’s an honor to remain friends with the staff at this dealership.
Doc Sutton
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March 13, 2014
I leased my 2011 Honda Civic from University Honda, and I have had such outstanding service the entire three years it was an easy decision to renew my lease with them. When I first called to set up an appointment, Sales Specialist Nery Hernandez really put me at ease with the whole process and we set up a time to lease another Honda Civic. When I went in Nery really made me feel comfortable and thoroughly answered all of my questions. I really appreciated the fact that he provided a lot of detail about each car I was considering and really allowed me to go at my own pace to make sure I made a decision that was best for me. He really was exceptional with guiding me through the process, and explaining everything, I really felt he truly had my best interest in mind throughout the process, I am thrilled with my new Honda Civic and I highly recommend Nery and University Honda!
Karen Elliott
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Testimonial Image1
March 25, 2014
The service department at University Honda provides a truly exemplary level of customer care. The staff are always friendly and always treat me with respect; they are willing to patiently answer any questions I may have. They go out of their way to help me resolve my car difficulties–far beyond what their jobs require (I’m thinking particularly of their assistance when my car battery died last week–they helped me get to the dealership and checked the battery for me all at no charge). I have never once gotten the sense–as I have from other mechanics and dealerships in the past–that I am being taken advantage of or being told that my car needs work it does not need. They embody a rare level of integrity that is crucial to have in this kind of business.
Clare Braun